Thanks to experienced engineers and experts in specialized fields including compressed air measurement  and quality , Instrumentation and industrial automation , our main activities in design and construction sections fall in the following parts:

Compressed Air

  •  Design and construction of industrial compressor rooms in different industries.
  •  Increasing of compressed air quality and reducing air consumption
  •  Measurement of compressed air and gases through dew point, pressure dew point for refrigeration/adsorption driers ,leakage , flow and particle meter

Control and Instrumentation

  •  Programming and troubleshooting  of PLCs.
  •  Design of HMI and CCR monitoring system
  •  Selection of appropriate instrument.
  •  Documentation and consultation in instrumentation field.

Power Systems

  •  Design, commissioning and installation of LV & MV panel boards, switch gear boards .
  •  LV & MV protection systems .